8 thoughts on “Update: Dioceses and Parishes Consider Survivor-Centered Approaches to David Haas’s Music

  1. How disappointing that the Archdiocese of Milwaukee has such little consideration for the wounds of victim survivors. The rationale that it does not appear to be a concern of parish staffs or the people in the pews, demonstrates a lack of sensitivity to victims and a failure of leadership on the issue. Bravo to the directors of liturgy who responded with compassion and pastoral care.

    1. The statement by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is very dismissive and speaks for staff and “people in the pews” who were never asked how they felt – a blanket statement that avoided any discussion. I work for a parish in this diocese and I am disappointed by the lack of sensitivity and lack of leadership.

  2. So the US Conference of Catholic Bishops just met. In my opinion, the USCCB could have asked all Catholic parishes, schools, and ministries to stop using Haas’ music, at this time. Doing so would have shown Leadership and Compassion.

    I think that the Archdiocese of Boston correctly and carefully responded in “advis[ing] its parishes, schools and ministries to ‘refrain from using music composed by Mr. Haas until such time as there is a resolution to the allegations against him. We recognize that he is afforded the opportunity to defend himself. However, given the enormous pain and suffering survivors of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct experience, we feel it is appropriate to suspend the use of his music at this time,’” That is not some extreme shrill response, but it is very sensitive to so many people who have been victims of abuse.

    Tom Koester explained how students understood the rationale for not using Haas’ music. Great leadership. He and some parishes are providing good role models to their musicians and congregations.

    Why the Archdiocese of Milwaukee does not seem to have any sensitivity to this is astounding. The Archdiocese should lead in providing a healing and pastoral response to a very real pain, but the Archdiocese seems to be marching in the wrong direction at the end of the wrong parade, just lost. Yes, the Archdiocese may have legally resolved claims through the bankruptcy, but I think that the Church should call us and lead us to a much greater sensitivity and understanding of the victims of sexual abuse. The bankruptcy did not heal the grave wounds caused by sexual abuse of children and adults in the Church and the failure of leadership.

    1. These comments make me wonder. Since St Paul was known persecutor Christians, why do we read his letters at mass? Then I remember God is a forgiving god and all merciful.

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