7 thoughts on “News About Composer David Haas Grows Worse, and Victim-Survivors Ask for a Ban on His Music

  1. How have I never heard of ANY of this news about David Haas when some of the articles are from 2020, & even date back as far as 1979!!???
    How sad to hear that he has been a pedofile all these years and hiding behind the Church all this time!! How many of his co- workers n co-musicians knew him as this evil ‘man of God?’ How many?!?! I can hardly believe this horrible news! God forgive me for not knowing any of this while still thinking he was such an awesome writer/musician/etc. 😲🥴. Oh my…!! How we were all fooled!! I feel so let down, so ashamed, and so sorry for all the victims! Yes, I DO know how some of them feel n felt! Brings back unwanted & haunting flashbacks & memories that to this day, I’ve still been trying to obliterate n forget from my head!! Aarrgghhhh!

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