Survivor Advisory Panel

Listening to the voices of those who have experienced sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is central to Awake’s mission. We have established a Survivor Advisory Panel to help us center survivors’ voices in everything we do. 

Our Survivor Advisory Panel is a small, diverse group of survivors with whom we share our ideas and goals to receive honest feedback. We realize that not every Awake initiative will resonate with every survivor, but we consider the input of survivors essential to the decisions we make in carrying out our mission. 

To protect the privacy of these survivors, we do not list their names on our website. However, we can share that our panel includes men and women, lay people and clergy, those who were abused during childhood and those who experience abuse as adults – all living within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. 

If you have questions about the Awake Survivor Advisory Panel, or if you are a survivor who would like to offer feedback about any of Awake’s work, please reach out to Executive Director Sara Larson at