Pray With Us

We greatly value the support of our Awake Prayer Team, whose members receive a bi-weekly email with prayer suggestions. To sign up to receive these emails, please select “Supporting Awake through Prayer” on the email subscription form here.

In the coming months, we hope to create opportunities for the Awake community to gather in person for communal prayer. (Please let us know if you would like to help make that happen!)

Until then, we invite you to pray from home, using these words or your own.

Come, Holy Spirit.

Stir within us and awaken our hearts. Do not let us be found sleeping when the Bridegroom comes.

We pray for survivors of sexual abuse. May they find justice and healing.
We pray for priests and bishops. May they live out their vocations fruitfully.
We pray for all of us who are your Church. May we find your strength to work for change and your wisdom to discern the right steps.

God of mercy, draw us always deeper into your truth and your love.